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The Pitmen Painters

Lee Hall

American Stage

St. Petersburg, Florida  2016

Theatre Tampa Bay award winner:

Best Ensemble
Best Lighting Design
Best Supporting Actor


This is one amazing ensemble, and their accents are for the most part consistent. They are guided beautifully by director Brendon Fox.  Rarely do I single out set changes in a production. But in this production of THE PITMEN PAINTERS, it is woven in the fabric of the show, as important as many of the scenes. To the sound of whistles and chiseling (great sound design by Rachel Harrison), the actors move with precision setting up the next scene. It's quite effective and always keeps us in the moment, reminding us of the Ashington artists' day job. Here, in this show, the set changes come across as works of art in and of themselves. Every director needs to see THE PITMEN PAINTERS, especially if they want to find creative ways to tackle lengthy scene changes. Some directors don't realize that pace matters so much in a production, but director Brendon Fox obviously does. You watch the changes excitedly; it's masterful staging.

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