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Adjunct Professor, Visual & Performing Arts - Worcester State University (MA)

Sept - Dec 2023

            Creative Arts Text Analysis (Shakespeare)

Adjunct Professor, Dramatic Arts - University of Connecticut

Sept 2022 - May 2023

3rd Year MFA:

                        Naturalism Scene Study

                        Acting Showcase (assistance with finding scenes, directing scenes)

                        Team-Taught Collaboration with Film Production Class

            Graduate Design Seminar:

                        Guest director


Associate Professor of Theatre, Washington College, MD

Apr 2019 - Dec 2021

Chair 2021


Assistant Professor of Theatre, Washington College, MD

Aug 2013 – Apr 2019

Advanced Acting: Contemporary Styles

Advanced Acting: Shakespeare

Advanced Acting: Shaw / Wilde / Stoppard

Junior Seminar (Directing II; preparing Juniors for Directing Thesis)

Dystopia on the Page, Stage, and Screen

Performance Studies: Adaptation of Non-Dramatic Literature for the Stage

Collaboration for the Theatre (team-taught with Prof. Laura Eckelman)

Guest Teacher, Prague Shakespeare Company

Jun - Jul 2019

Text analysis; "scansion roadmap".

Guest Teacher, Subtext through Harold Pinter, University of Virginia, VA

Dec 2014

Focus on Pinter’s Betrayal; students explored subtext through verbal and physical approaches to the text.


Assistant Professor, Second Year Graduate Acting, Florida State University / Asolo Conservatory, FL (non tenure-track; two one-year appointments)

Aug 2011 – May 2013

Focus on classical acting, using works by G.B. Shaw, Restoration Comedy in first semester Shakespeare in second semester.  

Guest Teacher, Moliere and Restoration Comedy, University of Virginia, VA

Oct 2010

Using two contrasting scenes, conducted Master Class to compare and contrast acting in Moliere vs. Aphra Behn. Using the heightened language, embracing intense physicality, not being afraid of sensuality and wit in both worlds.     


Guest Teacher, Shaw and Restoration Comedy, University of Evansville, IN

Jan – Feb 2010

Course with entire senior acting class which focused on finding the truth in style. Using exercises and scene work, class paid close attention to the use of language in debate in G. B. Shaw’s work, and innuendo in Restoration comedies, particularly The Rover and Sir Patient Fancy.

Guest Teacher, Restoration Comedy, University of Northern Colorado, CO

Sept - Oct 2009

Master Class examining Restoration comedy: its historical context, embodying its physical manifestation, and examining the use of language for wit and innuendo. 

Instructor, Shakespeare Analysis, Theatricum Botanicum, Los Angeles, CA

Spring 2005, Summer 2006, Summer 2007, Fall 2008, Summer 2010

Classes designed for participants with a range of acting experience in Shakespeare – from relatively new to experienced. Focus on both Shakespeare monologues and scene work, with emphasis on rigorous text analysis, recognizing turning points and beat changes, and the power of intensive listening.


Teaching Assistant, UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television

Undergraduate Honors Project in Direction (with Prof. Michael Hackett)

Introduction to Performance (with Prof. Michael Hackett)

Fundamentals of Directing (with Prof. Brian Kite)

Intro to Directing (with Prof. Brian Kite)


Guest Instructor, Antaeus Theatre Company, Los Angeles, CA: 2003 – 2009

Shakespeare Basics Class

Taught students beginning a sequence of work culminating in “Advanced Classics” listed below. With actors in this class typically new to Shakespeare, a major focus was the basic understanding of text; exercises given included “translating” Shakespearean text into modern vernacular, playing with alliteration and poetry, and opening up the actor’s body and voice to the demands of classical work onstage.

Classical Styles Class

Focus on scene work in the classics, including contemporary classics ranging from Oscar Wilde to Arthur Miller. Work with the actors on their scenes, as well as exploring the principles of acting beats, pivotal moments in the action, and clarity in Shakespearean text.


Creator / Instructor, The Shakespeare Gym, Los Angeles, CA

August 2009

Class designed for experienced, professional actors. Shakespeare monologues and scene work assigned by instructor and developed in intensive workshop classes. Rigorous exploration of vocal and physical techniques, parsing each thought, with emphasis on clarity and specificity.

Guest Instructor, Classical Theatre Lab, Los Angeles, CA


Taught course focused on classical and modern monologues and scene work; material ranged from Shakespeare and Ibsen through modern playwrights such as David Hare

Presenter, Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE)

2019 - Orlando, Florida

Pursued by a Bear: A Multidisciplinary Workshop in Dynamic Transitional Storytelling

Meeting for Mentorship: Leading Effective Educational Production Meetings

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