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Love's Labour's Lost

William Shakespeare

Prague Shakespeare Company, 2019

Colorado Shakespeare Festival, 2018

Trailer: Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Director Fox has found every instance of humor in the script and found a way for his actors to convey it to the audience...One of the joys of Shakespeare is in seeing how it will be set and interpreted. This production is staged as a memory play starting after WWI when Moth, a page to Armado, returns to the overgrown and abandoned Court and remembers what it was like before the War. In his mind, he returns to the happier days which are then acted out, until he once again dons his military backpack and moves on. The Edwardian period in England suits the light-hearted fun of the script and enhances its dream-like qualities. It also makes us wonder what happened to the young people who were so carefree then. Where are they now?

Boulder Magazine

Director Brendon Fox and a spirited cast of players tackle one of Shakespeare's most complex comedies, a densely constructed piece that offers plenty of potential pitfalls to modern audiences. Happily, the gap between Shakespeare's original vision and the Mary Rippon stage (gorgeously outfitted by scenic designer Stephen Jones) never seems impassable in this energetic production. A cast full of talented actors new to the CSF tackles the show's elaborate wordplay and rhetorical posturings with the required comic sensitivity; Fox and the production team create a pace that keeps the many subplots of the show operating smoothly amid all the linguistic flourishes.

Daily Camera, Boulder, CO

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