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A Hundred Words for Snow

Tatty Hennessy
* US Premiere *

Connecticut Repertory

Hartford Courant

Director Brendon Fox, who directed the Sherlock Holmes parody “Baskerville” at the Long Wharf Theatre in 2018, finds some comedy moments with all those props and chairs whisking on and off but wisely settles for gentle humor in general. This is a wild tale told with a chilling calm and is more effective for being so laid back....“A Hundred Words for Snow” is the kind of show that takes its time, imparts life lessons and softly acclimates you to the cooler, more reflective time of year. It’s the kind of show Connecticut theaters should be doing and Connecticut audiences should be seeking out.

Stu on Broadway

Brendon Fox’s direction has a quickened pace, which briskly moves the action from a comfortable British home to the wilds of Norway and beyond.  He adeptly incorporates moments of reflection with scenes of urgency and determination.

Full Review: A journey through grief and self-discovery is at the heart of the one-woman show...

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