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Ken Ludwig

The Cape Playhouse, 2023

Long Wharf Theatre, 2018

Cleveland Playhouse / Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park co-production

Ohio, Winter/Spring 2017

The Cape Playhouse

Directed by teacher and producer Brendon Fox, who aptly notes that “Baskerville” is many things, “a comedy, a mystery, a valentine to performance and storytelling.” Baskerville is unquestionably one of the most entertaining shows of the summer. This production, with its incredibly talented five-person cast, encapsulates everything we know and love about live theater: mystery, humor, love, friendship and suspense.

Cape Cod Chronicle

Audio: Baskerville Opening Music
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Baskerville Opening Music - Victoria (toy) Deiorio
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Trailer: Long Wharf Theatre
Long Wharf Theatre

Fox and company put on a fast-pasted, giddy performance meant to lighten the burden of even the world-weariest theatergoer.

New Haven Register

Baskerville’s good if you need a laugh. It’s also surprisingly good if you need a complex mystery drama.

Hartford Courant

Trailer: Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park


Cleveland Playhouse / Cincinnati Playhouse

Baskerville translates "The Hound of the Baskervilles" into something new and entertaining while faithfully rendering the story of Holmes and his devoted companion Dr. Watson. Ludwig includes enough moments of costume and wig madness to constantly remind audiences that this is live theater, as director Brendon Fox emphasizes. In a program note, Fox writes, “To watch an actor transform before our eyes is a treat for a live audience as well as a great way Ken Ludwig shows what our heroes are up against as they try to figure who and what is ‘real’ everywhere they turn.” That theatrical underscoring is the engine of merriment that fuels Baskerville, which sometimes flies by so quickly you wish you could rewind a scene to watch again. But for audiences, such deliberation isn’t possible as the frenzied action rolls on quickly.

City Beat, Cincinnati (Critics Pick)

Directed with playfulness and vigor by Brendon Fox, Baskerville is a celebration of theater itself, a madcap homage to the artifice and inventiveness - and sheer unflagging energy - required to bring a play to life...The fast-moving production is as fun as roller coasters were when you were 10.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

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