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Donald Margulies

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Cincinnati, OH

The play is an intriguing step beyond Margulies’s typically naturalistic work, and his notes include a warning to “avoid cuteness … and sentimentality at all cost.”  Guest director Brendon Fox has achieved that…the show’s final 20 minutes turns an unexpected corner that will surprise some and might not be grasped by children, as it requires a depth of understanding about suspending disbelief.  The show wraps up with a lovely twist, but it’s definitely more wistful and thoughtful than a barrel of belly laughs.


The tale by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Donald Margulies under the direction of Brendon Fox is amazing, captivating, and humorous enlightening the audience’s imagination.  There are 30 characters in this production played all by just 3 creative performers.


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